Top Ten Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Green Tea Provides Many Health Benefits

Green Tea, grown originally in India and China, has been used as a health drink all over the world for centuries.  It has become popular in the US during recent times only.

Green tea is said to be the healthiest of all kinds of beverages available in this world. The large amounts of nutrients and anti-oxidants contained in it acts powerfully on the human body by improving the functions of the brain, reducing excess fat, lowering the risk of getting cancer and many other excellent beneficial uses. 

1 of 10: The bioactive substances contained in green tea can improve your health.

The final drink made out of green tea contains large quantities of both bioactive substances and essential nutrients. It also contains powerful anti-oxidant polyphenols like catechins and flavonoids. The cells of the body get prevented from being damaged by reducing the formation of any free radical which is responsible for causing various diseases and aging.

It also contains minerals in small quantities necessary for a healthy body. The amount of fluoride, which is bad for the body, is more in low-quality green teas than in higher grades of green tea, but irrespective of the quality, the benefits derived from it outweighs any risk by far. 

Conclusion: The bioactive substances in green tea can improve your overall health.

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