Top Yoga Poses to Help Strengthen Your Abs

Do you want to build up a solid core? Check this training plan that is professionally programmed to help you do difficult yoga poses in a jiffy!

This series is composed of various poses that can help improve core strength and flatten your abs. Though doing yoga is not the best means to get that six-pack, you can however considerably strengthen and tone your belly. Strengthening the core can aid in relieving back pain and helps improve posture too. A lot of the poses suggested below are balances, which are considered great methods in working the core.

Cat Cow

Cat Cow Yoga

Sticking out your butt may be a bit embarrassing; however, this move is excellent for warming up the core, shoulders and back muscles.

With the back flat, get on all fours and look towards the floor. Line up your hands below your shoulders, and your knees underneath your hips. Then exhale while tucking your tailbone and curling the spine to the ceiling, then release the neck and inhale, lifting the seat bones and shoulders to the ceiling and with the head raised to gaze straight ahead.

Repeat the process gently and slowly as many times as required to warm up your spine and core.

Boat Pose

Boat Pose Yoga

This all-time Pilates move can challenge the rectus abdominis muscles. If doing a ‘full boat’ is too hard, then try doing a variation of bent knees or utilizing the arms for supporting the upper body.

From a sitting position, lean gently back to balance among the tailbone and seat bones. Keeping the upper body tall and strong. Exhale then gently lift the legs so they are about 45-degrees angle with the ground. Your legs must be zipped straight together, though for beginners, bending the knees can make this pose easier.

Hold the position for 15 to 30 seconds, then rest and then repeat.

Side Plank

Your yoga routine is not complete without this standard abdominal exercise. Involve the obliques and transersusabdominis through drawing the belly button to the navel and lifting the hips higher.

From a basic plank, rotate your body going to the left so your body is positioned outside the edge of your right hand and right foot. Extend your left arm that it is perpendicular to your body, forming a “T”, and then concentrate on extending your body in a straight line from the head to the feet.

Hold the position for 15-30 seconds then change sides and repeat.

Basic Crunch

While it is true that doing a lot of crunches can constrict the rectus abdominis and decrease flexibility, but this all-time fitness move still has great benefits. Just make sure to avoid strain in the neck by supporting the neck and the head with your hands.

Lie on your back and legs bent at the knees and your feet up in the air, also known as “Tabletop” position. Put your palms at the back of your head while your elbows are pointing outwards. Inhale, bring your sternum to your knees. And the same time, raise your tailbone, and bring your knees to the head. Exhale then release.

Repeat this 10 to 15 times.

Twisted Root Crunches

  • CLICK HERE to watch a video on how to properly perform this move.

These complex crunches can be a little deeper as compared to the basic exercises mentioned above. By involving the upper and lower body, it is likely possible to work on the upper and lower abs which are the inner and outer muscles all at the same time.

Lie back and bend your knees with feet on the floor. Wrap your left leg over your right leg and if possible, tuck your left foot below your right calf. If wrapping the other leg twice around the other is not possible, wrap it only once and let your left foot hang. Inhale then bring your hands behind your head for supporting the neck. Exhale and then bring your elbows to the ceiling. Inhaling deep in the core. Exhale, bringing your knees straight up and lifting your elbows to the ceiling. Inhale and then bring your head legs, and chest back to the initial position.

Repeat this for 10 to 15 minutes.