How Portion Control Can Promote Weight Loss

Salmon and Asparagus

Eating an appropriate serving size of your food can be an easy way of keeping a healthy weight and even shedding extra pounds. Read below to understand the principles of portion control so you can understand how this technique can promote weight loss or maintain healthy weight.

1. Learn Appropriate Serving Sizes

When you practice portion control, you have a better idea on the amount of food you are allowed to eat. In this way, you can avoid eating too much and using up more energy than you actually need. Because you are not eating wrong serving sizes of certain foods, this will help you lose any excess weight.

2. Understand Energy Requirement

Energy present in food is calculated in calories. Taking more calories than what you can burn is the primary reason for weight gain. So to help you effectively restrict your calorie intake, you have to practice portion control.

However, with portion control, one can still eat different types of food and drinks and still maintain a balanced diet and making sure you are taking adequate amount for your age, gender and weight.

3. Maintaining Healthy Weight

Using portion control for maintaining healthy weight is very suitable after losing considerable weight from weight loss surgery or a certain slimming diet. Some people do portion control because they have gained a little weight, perhaps due to a change in physical activity, age or other reasons. Portion control is an effective ‘weight management technique’ because it still allows healthy, well-balanced, no-restrictions diet while keeping calories in control at the same time.

4. Weight Loss

Having said, portion control is a good method for losing excess weight due to excessive consumption of high calorie foods. This weight loss technique lets you ‘reset ‘ your usual food intake by establishing positive serving size habits in terms of different kinds of food. By managing your food intake by doing portion control, it encourages the body to use stored energy reserves or fat. One of the biggest advantages over common weight loss diets is that you can still enjoy a balanced, nutritious and healthy diet without being starved of a specific nutrition source.

Portion control also makes you disciplined when it comes to food. When you reach your ideal weight, you can adjust the serving sizes to a certain amount that will maintain your weight.

5. Healthy, Balanced Diet

Eating healthy means that you are eating in such a way that will let you get the nutrients necessary from the food, within a limit that lets you attain a certain weight. In most cases, non-starchy foods can be increased. If you need to shed off extra pounds, certain food groups may have to be eaten less.

When we talk about portion control, moderation is the key. Though it is necessary not to eat too much of a certain food, not eating too little is also equally important. Know about the recommended serving sizes of certain types of food and make sure you stick to them. Eat in proper amount so you body will be fully nourished. It is important that you don’t overly restrict the amount you eat when doing portion control.