7 Reasons to Ditch Diet Soda

Is Diet Soda Good For You

It’s undeniably true that we humans have burning desire to achieve a 100% ideal weight and perfect shape. That’s why we are easily enticed and captivated by products that discuss and promote weight loss. This is especially true in regards to foods and beverages that are labeled with the word DIET – like in the case of diet sodas. Yes, more and more health enthusiasts nowadays are switching to diet sodas as the best drink to aid in their weight loss program and as the best thirst quencher to replenish the liquid they sweat out during workout sessions. But in recent health studies, diet soda has become very controversial because of the substances and chemical contents that are proven to be a great risk to one’s health.

Read on to discover the best reasons why you should say “bye-bye” to your favorite diet soda for good.

1. Increases the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Diet sodas taste addictive-ly good and maybe the best substitute for sugar-sweetened drinks, but in reality drinking excessive amounts of this beverage vastly increases the risk of heart attack and stroke by 43% compared to those who don’t drink diet sodas at all. Remember, just a single can of diet soda can contribute greatly to this 43% risk. So, the next time you consider gulping something healthy take seltzer water instead.

2. Aspartame content can lead to formation of various types of cancer.

Diet sodas may not contain sugar, but the artificial sweeter called Aspartame can do the trick in your brain and make you crave for more. Aspartame can also cause multiple ailments, including; birth defects, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and various cancer in the liver, brain, lung, kidney and the lymph reticular.

So if you believe that diet soda may benefit your waistline, well, weigh first which is more important your waist or your vital organs?

3. Increases obesity rates.

Surprisingly, despite that it’s a diet drink, it has also the tendency to increase the obesity rate. Why? Mainly because of the 34% increase in metabolic syndrome and its ability to initiate overeating and more sugar cravings. The additives and chemicals in diet sodas have been found to promote obesity by disrupting the body’s hormonal balance. Therefore, don’t be blinded by the promises these diet soda manufacturers offered. This product can actually block the body’s ability to lose weight.

4. Contains substances that are toxic to humans.

You might be wondering how can it be true, but in recent studies it is discovered that this artificial sweetener is presented in every can of diet soda, called aspartame, can produce a metabolic by-product known as DKP that can cause brain tumors. Aspartame also contains methanol- that when it breaks down in the digestive tract, it metabolizes into formic acid and formaldehyde, which can be very harmful to the human body.

5. Doubles a person’s risk of kidney stone.

Diet soda, when taken in a daily basis, can dramatically decline the kidney’s proper functioning. Our kidneys are a very vital organ, helping in detoxifying and reprocessing our blood.

If you are diet soda addict, then you will have the tendency to double your risk of permanent kidney damage and/or kidney failure. This is because apart from the artificial sweeteners, diet sodas also contain high level of sodium that can damage the kidney. Doctors pointed out that there’s a great possibility for kidneys to have hard times in processing and handling these sodium and artificial sweeteners.

6. Promotes caffeine addiction.

Similar to coffee, caffeinated beverages can create not only addiction but also withdrawal symptoms and diet sodas are no escape to this caffeine content. Being addicted to diet soda is definitely harmful to your health. Therefore, breaking this addiction is simply a must, because even if diet sodas are known to be effective weight loss drinks, they are also potential to become very counterproductive.

7. Save money.

Imagine the generous amount of money you will spend in a year if you become a diet soda addict, and get no health benefits in return. Why not switch this habit into something much more healthier; such as drinking plain water or seltzer water. Soda pop can be very expensive; water is FREE.