Top 5 Foods for Healthy Skins

“You are what you eat.” – This is an old wives tale that has been taken for granted by many. Yes, this is true. People nowadays are not very cautious about the effects of the foods they eat on a daily basis. Don’t you know that the skin is the largest organ of the body that can be easily damaged by external factors? Therefore, it is quintessential to take care of it.

Applying sunscreen everyday is not enough to make skin safe and healthy. The food we eat also matters! What we eat will be revealed much in our complete physical appearance, in our overall health, and generally in the quality of our skin. So, if you want a flawless, radiant and a standout complexion, it is highly recommended to be on the lookout for the proper foods that are bursting with nutrients which will totally benefit the health of your skin. Below are top 5 foods to help promote a natural and rich glow of your skin. Some of them are surprisingly incredible. Consuming them in the right amount, you will feel and experience the difference. I surely bet.

1. Walnuts

Walnut - Healthy Food for Skin

This is considered a friendly food because it doesn’t only benefit our skin’s health, it also tastes delicious. Apart from its delectable taste, walnuts are also packed with wonder nutrients such as omega-3, protein, fiber and essential minerals like potassium, copper and magnesium that are proven excellent to fight against wrinkles and skin aging, fungal infections and soothe inflammation caused by psoriasis. It also contains linoleic acid, that is proven best for dandruff problems, dry skin and heals eczema. Walnuts are best eaten, but also the walnut oil when applied topically to skin can enhance the appearance and can cure skin problems by applying the oil directly to the affected area. This oil is known for its non-comedogenic property, which means it won’t clog the skin’s pores, so it is best to apply in facial areas or used as oil for massages.

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