5 Steps to Increase Stamina & Endurance

man running on mountain

Endurance and stamina are not the same from a strength standpoint. Endurance lets you exercise for longer periods of time while having a good stamina normally results to improved circulation, energy levels and total health. Some individuals are much better in handling endurance exercises. To raise your endurance and stamina, you have to increase your lung capacity, build up the muscles around the heart and fortify the muscles used for endurance activities. The crucial point is to increase your daily physical activity slowly. Preferably, according to the American Heart Association, you only need no less than 150 minutes per week of rigorous exercise.

Step 1

Build up endurance and stamina by means of interval training, alternating between short bursts of intense activity along parts of your exercise at a gradual or relaxed speed. For instance, you can run for 100 yards and then walk 50…or run up steps then walk down. Pedal a bicycle quickly for a block and then slow down for a block. Swim 2 slap at an intense speed then do a second lap at slower strokes. Combine running and weight training through lifting weights and jogging around the gym.

Step 2

Exercise for longer periods but at a less intensity to use the principle of overload, to let the body work more than normal. You can ride your bicycle or run for five miles instead of the normal three miles but at a slower speed. You can also swim extra laps one day every week at a slower pace. During weight workouts, you can do more repetitions but with lighter weights. You can also lift heavier weights but at shorter workout time. Slowly build up your workout – do not increase it for more than 10% per week.

Step 3

Do circuit trainings with weights, going quickly from one workout station to another and having short breaks between. You can do bench presses followed instantly by squats then followed by bicep curls, for instance. Lift lighter than the usual weights and workout fast and continuously. You can raise the intensity by jogging for 30 seconds in-between lifts.

Step 4

Choose workouts that fit your timetable and gears specific to your training. If you want to run, it only requires a good pair of shoes and swimming only need access to a swimming pool, however bicycling and weight training requires special equipment. You can build up endurance and stamina through any training that can work with your body for longer and tougher than usual. Your body can adapt to the additional effort so your endurance and stamina will rise during your workout.

Step 5

The Center for Disease Control, or CDC, recommends about 150 minutes every week of moderate aerobic activity for cardiovascular health and 2 or more days per week of strength training. According to the CDC, that raising the length of workouts or the activity’s intensity can greatly increase health benefits. You can raise the intensity by running much faster or through lifting heavier weights – anything that can change the physical load for a short period.


• Talk to your physician before starting any new workout routine

• Stretching and warming up thoroughly before any exercise is a must and allowing a cool- down time for relaxed activities.

• Decide on endurance and stamina workouts that suits with your regular training. Do not begin lifting weights if you haven’t tried it or do endurance swimming if you have not learned the basic strokes.