5 Spices that Boost Metabolism

Herbs and spices not only add flavor to foods but can be very beneficial for the health also. Aside from being known as great antioxidants that fight serious illnesses like cancer and heart diseases, some herbs and spices can also aid metabolism. But why do we need to boost our metabolism?

Metabolism is commonly referred to as the breakdown of food, to the body’s absorption of nutrients and transforming it into energy to sustain the body’s daily functions. In Science and Biology, metabolism is described as a necessity to sustain life for every living organism. Living organism will die without metabolism and abnormalities in metabolic processes will result to health problems such as diabetes, a disease caused by the body’s failure to metabolize blood sugar correctly.

So give your dish an extra kick and your metabolism too! Here are five herbs and spices known to boost metabolism:













This spice is particularly good for digestion. It gears up the pancreas and gallbladder to secrete enzymes and bile needed for the breakdown of food and turning it into nutrients essential for bodily functions and overall health. It also contains a significant amount of iron, Vitamin A and C good for immunity.

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