Tone Up in the Pool

pool exercise

Newsflash! Pools aren’t just for leisurely swimming; they’re also a great way to achieve cardiovascular fitness- while toning up! Being underwater allows for a low-impact exercise method, ie: movements that are “nice” to the joints in your body. This is great for the undertrained population and individuals who experience lower body injuries, as the buoyancy of water alleviates the wear-and-tear high impact exercises can cause.

A pool workout also provides a consistent resistance as you move through the water, which means you’ll be firming up from every angle!

Did you know?: Treading water burns the same amount of calories in one minute as going for a run at 6MPH.

Check out’s total body underwater workout to “Slim Down in a Splash”!

Focusing on doing 5 different moves for 30 seconds at a time, resting and repeating, this exercise set is meant to pump up your heart rate! As you progress work up to 45-60 seconds, and be sure to check out the how-to videos they provide to maintain proper form. (They suggest using a beach ball for added resistance too, I mean come on how cute is that.)

Here’s the link! Happy toning!