Natural Ways to Get Rid of a Sinus Headache

Sinus Headache

A sinus headache is very painful and hard to remedy. Of course, various medicines can be taken, but a lot of people would rather go for safer means to get rid such problem. There are a lot of natural ways you can try to get rid a sinus headache. Varying remedies work for various people, so it’s ideal to keep trying alternative means until you find that works for you. Below are a few ways that you might want to try:

Alternate Hot and Cold Compresses

Sinus headache pain can be sometimes eased by alternating between hot and cold compress. It aids in the draining of your nasal passage. You can place each compress in your forehead or nose for several minutes then switch them back and for a few times. You can also experiment on different temperatures and intervals to know what will work for you.

Hot Steam

Hot steam is also a good way to clear up your nasal passage and ease your sinus headache. You can do this in various ways. There are small machines that are created to produce steam for this very purpose. There are also non-mechanical things where you simply place hot water, and the steam is directed towards you. You can, in fact, do this on your own using a steaming hot cup of water positioned up to your face. Also, you can simply sit in your bathroom and let the hot water run.

Hot Shower

Taking a hot shower is another way to get rid of your sinus headache, and it helps in various ways. First is the previously mentioned steam effect. And another one is that hot water aids in relaxing your muscles, as a result: the pain your headache is causing alleviates.


Several people consider acupressure in getting rid of the pain due to sinus headache. There are various pressure points, same as on the hands that are said to aid with headaches. This way may work for other people, but it may not be effective for others.

Nasal Irrigation

There are a lot of various systems that can help in irrigating your nasal passages, which can be helpful in getting rid of a sinus headache. You can also use some saline nasal spray that is mostly just salt, which can aid in clearing out your nasal passages and reduce the pain from your sinus headache.

Herbal Remedies

Eucalyptus and peppermint are among the most prevalent herbal medicines. These herbs are effective if inhaled through steam. The combination of the decongestant abilities of the herbs and the warm steam can offer quick relief. Simply boil water on the pan, add either eucalyptus or peppermint and then simply inhale the steam. You can also try wrapping a towel in your forehead to make sure that the steam is close to your face and have more effect.

Eat Spicy Food

Other people feel that eating spicy food drains their nasal passages. You can keep a bit of spicy item that you can munch on if you experience sinus headache just to know if this way works for you.