Fit Tip Friday: How to Work-out in Style

girl working out in city park

If there’s one thing that makes us excited to hit the treadmill, trail or yoga studio (and feel confident while doing it), it’s wearing comfortable, cute workout clothes. You do not have to relate exercise with loose baggy old sweatpants and a worn out faded t-shirt. All of us know these clothes are comfortable; however, who says that workout clothes can’t be FABULOUS and cozy.

Below are some ways on keeping you look cute while sweating your tush off…, who knows, your knight in shining armor might be next to you, working out!

♥Flatter Yourself

You may want to ensure that you pick the pieces that are suitable to your figure. Try to find clothes that will show that great hourglass figure of yours. Going for a pair of leggings is the best way to flaunt your sexy legs and even out your stomach.

♥Color, Color, Color

Workout clothes do not have to be worn in typical black, navy and grey colors. That is just so boring! Boost up your gear with different color. Wearing additional colors aside from the typical ones can make your attire much more fun. Who knows, it might make your experience in the gym more fun too.

♥Make It Match You

Why not purchase clothes that describe who you are? Wearing pieces that match with your personality can give you that added boost of energy during a workout. If you feel great about how you look in your workout attire, you may, in fact, look forward to and get excited about working out in the gym.

Don’t you just feel better about shopping when it’s for workout clothes?! We sure do…