Calling Ladies: 4 Exercises to Lift Your Breasts

Pushups on the Beach

Sagging breasts may be caused for various reasons such as aging, sudden weight loss and breastfeeding which can affect a woman’s confidence. While others prefer and can afford medical procedures for a bust lift, doing simple exercises can help in getting your breasts in a better form. These exercises may not turn your breasts from As to Bs but will certainly get your confidence back.

These set of workouts were specifically created for women by Jen Comas Keck. She says, “Working the chest from multiple angles with enough weight ensures plenty of stimuli to increase strength and develop the muscles.”

The key to achieving the most desirable effect is to challenge yourselfgraduallywith heavier weights to encourage muscle growth.

Dumbbell bench press

Lay your body flat on a workout bench with dumbbells on both hands in an upward straight direction. Lower both your hands until it reaches the sides of your chest then push it back up again. That’s a single rep. You should do ten reps then proceed to the next step without rest.

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