5 Tips for Buying Running Shoes

running shoe

Runners have a lot going for them: strong legs, healthy heart, and impressive lung capacity. They have their determination and feet to thank for that. But along with this solitary sport, they have a big decision to make. What shoe will carry them over all those miles?

Below are 5 tips to help choose the best pair of shoes for your next running adventure.

1.     Know your feet –arc, width, and weight management

I know that seems basic, but being familiar with your feet and how you use them is essential to getting the perfect pair of running shoes. Do you have flat feet that need a simpler shoe design or a high arch that needs a rise in the inner shoe sole? Are the balls of your feet a bit wide? Do you walk on your heels, and need a thicker outer sole on your shoe? Answering these types of questions and knowing the answers will help with your shoe buying process.

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